Philippines Bans Children From School Until Vaccine For COVID-19 Is Found

Someone find that vaccine fast!

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Philippines Bans Children From School Until Vaccine For COVID-19 Is Found
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What about the thousands of children who do not have access to internet?

Worried about your kids’ safety when schools reopen?

Read this!

Officials in the Philippines have decided against reopening schools there until a vaccine is found for COVID-19.

No physical classes.

Instead of physical classes, the country’s alternative is to broadcast lessons on television.

Relying on distance learning

According to a report in Mothership quoting the country’s education secretary Leonor Briones, classes will resume at the end of August using distance learning methods via the internet or TV broadcasts where needed.

No to schools for now.

“We will comply with the president’s directive to postpone face-to-face classes until a vaccine is available,” said Briones.

Concerns, however, have been raised by many in the country who are worried about how millions of children who do not have access to internet will miss out on proper education.

Over 25 million primary and secondary students were involved in online enrolment for classes that started in early June.

A long way to go for a cure

While scientists have been racing to find a cure for COVID-19, most experts estimate that a cure will only be available for the public in a year or two.

According to the latest statistics by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre, Philippines currently has a total of 25,930 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Hundreds of new cases emerge daily.

More than a thousand people have died from COVID-19 there so far.

The rising figures have been reported despite the country being on strict lockdown for more than two months.

We just hope that a cure will be discovered soon.

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