Bad Internet At Home, Sabah Student Climbs And Sits On Tree To Get Best Reception For Online Exams

Extremely determined.

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Bad Internet At Home, Sabah Student Climbs And Sits On Tree To Get Best Reception For Online Exams
We've all heard that saying "If there's a will, there's a way".

And we have to say the will of 18-year-old Sabahan student Veveonah Mosibin is unyielding. 


Living with minimal wifi connection, the tenacious teen decided to not only climb a tree but stay there for 24 hours in order to get the best reception and finish her online examinations. 

Before the treetop exam plans, Veveonah had actually built a hut (from scratch you guys) on top of a hill to sit for her online exams.

Unfortunately, the hut was destroyed.

Talking about it via a vlog style video, Veveonah looked sad and frustrated and said that the hut could have been destroyed following strong winds and rains which happened the previous week. 

Let's head for the trees instead

Not giving up, the teen returned to her home to rethink her plans and came up with the idea of sitting for her exams atop a tree instead.

"So we have to climb this tree in order to get strong internet connection throughout the exam period," she said in the video.

Veveonah also thought carefully about her supplies. They include a phone, power bank, water, some food, a mosquito net and exam supplies include paper, pens and a calculator.

She is then seen using the mosquito net to build a small enclosure using the tree branches and finally sitting for her first exam, a Chemistry paper followed by a paper on Malaysian Studies.

A mosquito net tent.

Bee ready for anything

While atop the tree, Veveonah also encountered an unwelcomed guest - an Asian giant hornet.

"How do I release this thing. It's going to be painful if it bites me but guys, I'll try my best to free my friend," she is heard saying in the video. 

A killer!

After a panicky encounter, the hornet finally leaves and Vevonah continues with her second paper - LIKE A BAWSE.

Then Vevonah has her dinner, plain rice wrapped in leaves and spends the night in the jungle, on top of the tree, all on her own. 


Always game for an adventure

An avid video creator, Vevonah's other videos on her YouTube page include one showing how she makes a traditional underground well, how she opens coconuts without tools and one where she bakes cassava or ubi kayu using firewood.

The traditional way.

We absolutely love your determination and spirit Veveonah. 

Keep uploading videos and on a personal note, we hope all the exams with flying colours!

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