Extreme Photo Editing Of Emerging Chinese Influencer Shocks Netizens

The before and after photos look so different!

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Extreme Photo Editing Of Emerging Chinese Influencer Shocks Netizens

Do you adjust or edit your photos?

If yes, read on to find out what happened to an emerging influencer who edited her photos to look nothing like her actual self.

It all started when a Facebook page called Ex Treme posted before and after edited photos of a Weibo user and influencer called Coeyyy and her friend.

Amazing editing skills.
According to a report in Mothership, quoting another report in South China Morning Post, the post was captioned: "Technology... advanced".

Although the editing was incredible, netizens noted that the reflection in one photo looked slightly different from the subject standing in front.

Coeyyy was then met with a barrage of comments from netizens shocked to learn what she actually looked like.

The bullies appear

Some spineless netizens also started fat-shaming and bullying the influencer — which is absolutely unacceptable. 

It's probably due to constant comments or fear of negative comments that Coeyyy edited her pictures in the first place.

The influencer has been harassed by netizens.
Coeyyy later responded to the negative comments in a post on Chinese social media site Xiaohongshu, saying that the photographs that were posted on the site had been taken secretly and without her knowledge at a cafe in Zhanjiang city, China.

We believe that there is no one else but ourselves to be blamed for such edits.

We set the standards too high. We grace our billboards with zero-sized, perfectly photoshopped skinned models.

Of course, people are going to try and emulate that. And when it is not possible, we turn to editing instead.

Things will only change when our mindset changes. 

We've got a loooooooooooooooong way to go, you guys.

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