Belgian Man Tormented By Pranksters Who Sent Him Pizza Deliveries Almost Daily For 9 Years

They choose cash on delivery for the orders.

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Belgian Man Tormented By Pranksters Who Sent Him Pizza Deliveries Almost Daily For 9 Years

Have you ever accidentally received food you never ordered from a food delivery driver?

Well, it's uncommon, but perhaps its happened to some of you once.

Imagine receiving food that you never ordered every single day for close to 10 years!

Not my order.

Sounds ridiculous kan?

Before you think like that sounds fun, imagine if the person ordering always choose cash on delivery!

This is the nightmare that a man in Belgian has been forced to go through almost daily.

Not fun when you have to pay for the food

Terrorised by the sound of delivery bikes.

According to a report in Insider quoting Het Laatste Nieuws, Jean Van Landeghem, shakes with fear every time he hears the sound of the delivery bike.

Delivery drivers have been turning up on the 65-year-old’s doorstep with pizza he hasn't ordered at all hours of the day and night for nine years.

At first he thought it was an address mix up.

But when the pizzas kept coming, he suspected something more than that.

It got more frustrating when in January last year 10 separate delivery drivers turned up on the same day, including one with 14 pizzas.

A horrible prank.

"I cannot sleep anymore. I start shaking every time I hear a scooter on the street.

"I dread that someone will come to drop off hot pizzas yet another time,” he said.

Let the police deal with it

Every time a delivery is made, Landeghem refuses to pay, but you can imagine that the situation is not pretty for both him and the restaurants the pizzas are arriving from.

Frustrated, he finally lodged a police report about the case.

Apparently, his friend who lives about 20 miles away in Herenthout, went through the same thing as well.

What a mean trick to play on an elderly people!

We hope the culprits will be caught and given a hefty punishment as a lesson to all.

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