Transport Ministry: Discounts For Traffic Summonses Coming Soon

A little present for you guys.

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Transport Ministry: Discounts For Traffic Summonses Coming Soon
New Straits Times

You still need to pay up, unfortunately.

Do you have a stack of traffic summonses piled up and you're waiting for the police to give you a discount to settle them, because you know they would eventually do it?

Well, your wish has come true.

They want to help you guys

The Transport Ministry is reportedly planning to offer discounts so that traffic offenders can clear their outstanding summonses.

Transport minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong told Malay Mail that the ministry is currently discussing with the Road Transport Department (RTD) on ways to help those with outstanding summonses.

Wee also said that they're looking to help those who had been blacklisted from obtaining licences for e-hailing services.

“We know that it is a challenging year. We are discussing on the matter to help them have their names removed from the blacklist and we will announce it later," he was quoted as saying.

You would still need to pay for them though.
However, Wee said that the ministry will not be cancelling your summonses, just merely offering discounts so that you could settle them, so yeah, you still need to fork out money to pay them.

There's no news yet on when the discounts will be offered, but Wee did hint that it could be carried in August in conjunction with the national month of independence.

So, when you celebrate Merdeka Day next month, you will also be free of your police summonses.

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