M'sians Sure Love Their Unique Car Number Plates, As JPJ Earned RM3.4 million In Bids For 'SYG'

SYG 1 was the most expensive.

  • Thursday, 18 June 2020
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M'sians Sure Love Their Unique Car Number Plates, As JPJ Earned RM3.4 million In Bids For 'SYG'
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Not the actual car, by the way.

Malaysians sure seem to 'sayang' a unique number plate judging by how much some are willing to pay for the car registeration number plates that starts with 'SYG'. 

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) reportedly managed to earn a whopping RM3.4 million in just five days via the JPJebid platform. 

Of course, as with most number plates, the one with 1 (heh!) is the most sought-after, and SYG 1 was no different, collecting a tidy sum of RM115,000

That's double the amount some of us pay for our cars! 

Some paid more than the cost of a small car for the registration numbers

According to automotive site Paultan, the lucky bidder who won the number was Ung Eng Huat, who also won the number SYG 8 at RM52,000. 

Guess he sayang number 8 so much because it brings him all the luck to stay number one in life! 

Somebody's lucky number must be 9, as the person reportedly forked out RM70,096 for the SYG 9 plate, while SYG 10 went for RM50,000. 

Maybe this guy bough the 'SYG 8055' plate?
Interestingly, the plate SYG8055 was bid the most, by 25 people, and was sold at RM19,000 to one lucky winner. We guess it stands for 'BOSS'? That's one way to suck up to your superior. 

The rest of the numbers that weren't bid will be available to be bought by the public, especially those in Sabah, for RM300 up to RM20,000. 

In total, the 'SYG' series managed to rake in RM100,254 more than the equally-coveted 'ALL' series from last year.

Most expensive of all time

The most expensive number plate in Malaysia.
In case you're wondering, the amount paid for 'SYG 1' is no where near the most ever paid for a car registration number plate in Malaysia.

That honour belongs to 'Malaysia 1', which was bought for a whopping RM1,111,111.

In fact, according to The Star Online, the whole 'Malaysia' series brought in a total of RM13.1 million through 3,353 successful bids.

We guess Malaysians really do love their unique number plates.

How JPJebid works

Anybody can bid
JPJebid was introduced in April last year to make the process more transparent and to minimise human interference. 

Any Malaysian above the age of 18 and registered companies can bid for registration numbers. Cooperations, organisations and professional bodies can also bid. 

Same goes for government bodies, local authorities, the United Nations, embassies and other organisations, as well as foreigners. 

But before that, you first have to be registered and have a record under mySIKAP.

You then have to register at any RTD offices and fill in a few forms. Now, you're ready for bidding. 

You can check out the step by step process here.

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