Indonesian Man Buys Arowana Fish As Pet, His Father Cooks It And Ate It For Lunch

Oh no!

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Indonesian Man Buys Arowana Fish As Pet, His Father Cooks It And Ate It For Lunch

From eating food to becoming food.

We all know what an arowana fish is, right? 

The highly-expensive, kinda dragon-looking fish that your parents (or your parents' rich friends) might keep as a pet.

However, for some, no matter how expensive or pretty-looking a fish is, a fish is still a fish and a fish is food.
That was what exactly happened to the beloved pet arowana of a man from Indonesia.

It's lunch time!

It is very well sought-after, this fish.
According to a report by Coconuts Jakarta, the man known only as Bayu bought the golden arowana fish at the Jatinegara market in East Jakarta, which is known for selling decorative fishes.

He kept it as a pet at his home in Cikarang.

Bayu said that as the fish grew bigger after two years, he took it to his parents’ home in Sukoharjo, hoping that it would be properly taken care of and enjoy a bigger fish tank.

Not the real fish, of course.
His father, however, was reportedly too lazy to care for the arowana, and he started feeding it with lizards, even though the fish usually just feeds on crickets and centipedes. 

Bayu told the news portal that his pet arowana was so mistreated, it even got cross-eyed, although Bayu got it fixed by putting the fish under the knife.

However, that wasn't the last time the fish went under the knife though.

'I feel like throwing up'

His father thought it was food.
Just when he thought his pet arowana would go back to living a normal life, he was shocked beyond belief when one day, his brother sent him photos of the fish being cut up, fried and eaten by his father.

Apparently, his father saw the fish as food all along.  

This hurts to see.
Bayu shared the sad tale on an Instagram page called @SOLOKINI, and it has since been widely shared on the social media site.

 “I bought the golden arowana fish for IDR800,000 (RM240) at Jatinegara. It was already expensive then, [and] my fish could have been sold for around IDR2 million (RM601),” Bayu told the Instagram page via DM, as reported by Coconuts Jakarta.

Despite the heartbreak, Bayu said he had no choice but to accept the fish’s fate.

Bayu also said that he feels like throwing up whenever he thinks about his father eating his beloved pet arowana. Thankfully, Bayu revealed that no other family members joined his father's feast.

Sigh, we feel so bad for Bayu. We hope he keeps his pet fish far, far away from his father next time.

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