Couple Uses Money Saved From Scaled-Down Wedding To Help The Needy

Their initiative is exemplary!

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Couple Uses Money Saved From Scaled-Down Wedding To Help The Needy

Such giving hearts.

Couples getting married this year have been forced to postpone or downscale their wedding and marriage ceremonies due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

While some feel like they've been robbed of their dream event, others see it as a blessing in disguise. 

Stripped to the bare minimum.
Couples now can have smaller-scale weddings attended by close family and friends without having to deal with some sibuk aunty judging them.

Of course many are also saving money by being forced to have smaller weddings.

One couple who held a small scale wedding recently, decided to do something significant with the money that was meant for their ceremony. 

Giving to the needy.
P. Seevaratnam, 32, and his wife T. Thilageswary, 29 had a small wedding at their home attended by 20 people and used all the money they saved to help those who really needed it.

The sweetest gift

The Star reported that the couple bought a laptop for student M. Shakkthivel a laptop and an orthotic walker for former Penang Island City Council labourer S. Kandiah who suffers from Charcot foot due to diabetes.

“My brother gave me the idea of giving something back to society with the money that we had saved from the wedding.

“We would have spent close to RM80,000 if we had gone ahead with both the temple wedding and reception,” said Seevaratnam.

Thilageswary said the two recipients they gave their hard-earned earnings to were recommended by the Malaysian Hindu Sangam.

Such a noble act!

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