Malaysian Farmer 'Employs' Hantu Pocong To Stop Thieves From Stealing His Durian Fruits

Kinda genius.

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Malaysian Farmer 'Employs' Hantu Pocong To Stop Thieves From Stealing His Durian Fruits

If this doesn't scare the thieves away, we don't know what will.

For some strange reasons, people love using hantu to stop people from doing something illegal:

We don't know why that is, or if the plan works at all, but we guess when you're desperate, they turn to supernatural beings to help them out.

A Malaysian farmer had the exact same idea.

Scare tactic

Rosman Budiman, a 61-year-old farmer from Johor, has found a way to scare would-be thieves: by employing several 'hantu pocong' to guard his orchard.

According to Harian Metro, Rosman has been dealing with thieves stealing durian from his orchard.

Fed up, the farmer has decided to 'build' two fake pocongs to scare them away.

A 'pocong' is watching.
He told the Malay daily that he used some cardboard as the base, and two meters of white cloth to wrap around the cardboards.

The adult-sized pocongs, which stand at 1.5 meters tall, are placed nearby an empty hut and a bushy area in his farm.

Atmosphere is important too

To make the pocongs more convincing, Rosman even went out of his way to burn gharuwood incense on his farm to set up the spooky atmosphere before returning home for the night.

"Sometimes, when I go and collect the durians on my own, I would scare myself and get the chills because of the gharuwood scent," he was quoted as saying

And his plan kinda worked, as Rosman told Harian Metro that he loss fewer durian fruits this year when the pocongs are on guard, compared to last year when he used two life-sized tiger dolls which, by the way, were stolen by the thieves too.

All in all, his brilliant pocong plan costs him just RM8 in total, so we'll say that this is a big win for Rosman. 

To all durian thieves out there, be warned: you'll never know if it's a fake pocong or a real pocong that's watching you.

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