Retired Perak Headmaster Has Been Using The MCO To Promote Chinese Culture, Traditional Games Online

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Retired Perak Headmaster Has Been Using The MCO To Promote Chinese Culture, Traditional Games Online

When there's a will, there's a way!

Different people have different ways of spending their time during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Some learnt to bake, some learnt to cook, and some learnt how to grow plants at home.

But for one retired headmaster from Perak, he used the free time to showcase an almost lost art.

Putting free time to good use

Take a trip back memory lane with Uncle Wee.
Meet Wee Ong Chin, a retired headmaster who has been keeping himself busy by promoting Chinese culture, as well as teaching his audience traditional games.

Oh yeah, he has quite a big audience on his Facebook page.

When he's not busy entertaining his fans by sharing videos of himself singing traditional songs, he would be teaching his audience how to make traditional toys.

According to a report by Malay Mail, the 66-year-old started performing in 1986, where he got a mere five invitations to perform.

But that quickly grew to 60 invites per year, and despite the MCO slowing things down for Wee,  it did not put a full stop on Wee’s passion.

That's how he grew his social media presence, but sharing videos of himself.

“I used the Meitu application for the video. It was my first time taking a video and posting on social media,” the father of five was quoted by the web portal as saying.

A world class performer

Wee told Malay Mail that he started developing an interest in traditional games while he was teaching the Living Skills subject at school back in 1986.

His knowledge brought him to places as far as Taiwan and Iran, where he got the chance to perform.

“As part of the programme, we needed to think of traditional games. That was not a problem as Malaysia being a multicultural country has different types of games,” he was quoted as saying.

Here's the heartwarming part: Wee usually performs for free.

As he would also bring along handmade knick knacks and toys to be given out for free during his performance, he has to keep his cost at a minimum.

He also chooses to use recycled items to make traditional games such as spinning tops and rubber band guns.

“Not everything can be measured using ringgit and sen. In my years of performing, I learn that if you are willing to give out, there are bound to be returns,” he was further quoted by Malay Mail as saying.

If you want Wee to perform at your event, you can contact him via Whatsapp at 012-53305300, or visit his Facebook page.

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