Friendly Rider Gets Featured In Comic And Receives TV From Company For Going The Extra Mile

Recognising the effort.

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Friendly Rider Gets Featured In Comic And Receives TV From Company For Going The Extra Mile
Ninja Van Malaysia and Senpai Boey

Going out of the way.

A smile and some kind words.

You never know just how much such a simple act can make a significant impact on someone else's day.

Kind words and a friendly demeanour is something usual for 29-year-old Ninja Van driver Muhammad Isya when carrying out his daily duties.

Exchanging some pleasantries and jokes with a friendly aunty during his delivery route in Johor Bahru recently, however, ended up with Isya being featured in a comic strip.

That's me!

Recognising a hero

"Honestly, I was shocked to receive a call from my boss saying that I was in the comic," he said when speaking to Rojak Daily.

The comic strip Isya appeared in was by popular artist Cheeming Boey, or better known as Boey.

In his post on Facebook, Boey began with the words "The Everyday Hero".

He also explained that the comic was not a sponsored post.

"This is because Ninja Van Malaysia hired a steller guy. I hope you guys reward your workers well,"  he wrote.

In turns out that the Aunty that Isya had been kind to was Boey's mother, and she often spoke of him to the comic artist.

According to the drawing, Boey's Mum praised Isya for being friendly and always sharing jokes to make her laugh.

Boey fan's loved the story of the friendly Ninja Van guy, and soon enough many started tagging the company to the post. 

And then something interesting happened...

A gift for the effort

Days later, Isya received a surprise gift from his company - a brand new TV!

"Again, I was shocked. I'd just joined Ninja Van as a part-time worker, and it had not even been a month, and they gave me a TV."

"It was just difficult for me to understand why because being friendly is just something that I always do when working," said Isya.

He added that he had been working in the service industry for many years and this was the first time that he was being rewarded for having a positive attitude and a friendly demeanour when dealing with customers.

Meanwhile, Ninja Van Malaysia Country Head Adzim Halim said that the company decided to reward Isya for going the extra mile.

Adzim said that they decided on TV as Isya had just gotten married and they wanted to give him something to help set up his new home. 

"We feel that employee recognition is important - appreciation is ultimately a fundamental human need."

"By acknowledging our employees’ contribution, we believe that it will help spur motivation and further drive productivity. Thus producing happy employees," he said.

And that boys and girls, is how a smile and some kind words ended up with a rider being featured in a comic and receiving a brand new TV!

Best kan?

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