¡Ay, Caramba! Taco Bell Is Opening Its First Outlet In Malaysia Very Soon!

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¡Ay, Caramba! Taco Bell Is Opening Its First Outlet In Malaysia Very Soon!

Yummy tacos.

Have you always imagined sinking your teeth into soft tacos and juicy burritos from Taco Bell, because you see it appearing in some of your favourite TV series?

You can stop imaging and actually dig into the real thing because the popular American chain will be opening its first restaurant in Malaysia very soon!

Tan emocionante!

Get your taco fix

The news was shared by the Tropicana Gardens Mall on Friday (26 June).

And because the piece of news was shared by the mall, the first outlet will indeed be opening in Tropicana Gardens Mall:

The new mall is located right across the ever-popular Sunway Giza, and is directly connected to the Surian MRT station. 

So, anytime you have a taco craving, you could just hop on a train and head over to the mall.

The opening date is still a mystery though, as the mall did not mention when the outlet will be opening its doors.

It could be tomorrow, it could be 2030; who knows? But all we know is that we can't wait for them to open.

This will not be the first Taco Bell outlet in Southeast Asia though.

The fast food chain used to have an outlet in Singapore, but they exited the market back in 2009. 

Currently, they have a total of six outlets in Thailand and seven outlets in the Philippines.

And very soon, they will have one in Malaysia! Yay, we really can't wait!

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