Muslims Prohibited From Using Face-Swapping App, Says FT Mufti Office

It may cause confusion.

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Muslims Prohibited From Using Face-Swapping App, Says FT Mufti Office

Nonono, this one cannot.

If you've been spending a lot of time on social media, like us, you've probably seen your friends posting photos from a face-swapping app called FaceApp.

It's kinda fun to see what you will look like if you're of a different gender. After all, it is harmless, right?

Well, not really.

Misleading people

This is not good.
The Star Online
reported that the Federal Territories Mufti office has issued an Irsyad Al-Fatwa prohibiting Muslims from using the face-swapping app.

The FT Mufti office said in a statement that altering one's face using FaceApp and sharing it on social media goes against Islamic teachings.

“The use of FaceApp is akin to encouraging the tendency of changing God’s creation even though it is not done through physical means. Hence prohibition is needed to curb the tendency to change God’s creation through the sadd al-zariah principle (blocking the means),” the office said in statement quoted by the news portal.

On top of that, the statement further said that the gender swapping feature of the app could cause confusion to one’s true identity, and the resulting image could be detrimental to a person’s reputation.

This is not the truth.
Making one's face older or younger could also mislead people from the truth, the office said, as there's no way humans could predict what they will look like in the future.

“We reiterate that Muslims are not to use FaceApp or share the images of faces that have been altered, or edit photos of faces to change them to a different gender.”

So, take note yeah, guys!

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