Reducing COVID-19 Risk, Couple Holds ‘One Minute Drive-Through’ Wedding

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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Reducing COVID-19 Risk, Couple Holds ‘One Minute Drive-Through’ Wedding

A cute concept

Lingering in a group is just not a good idea taking into consideration how COVID-19 spreads.

Still wanting to go ahead and tie the knot but reduce transmission risk, Norazura Mohd Ali, 36, and husband Agus Santoso Sidik, 28, decided to have a “one-minute drive-thru” wedding ceremony.

According to Malay Mail the whole wedding concept was initiated by the couple’s friend, photographer Farreed Sahar.

“I had proposed this drive-thru wedding concept to other couples, but only Norazura and Agus were brave enough to accept and carry on with this creatively-themed idea.

“Others were wary as they didn't want to take the risk to celebrate their weddings in a drive-thru style as it’s definitely not the norm,” he said.

A novel idea

A unique concept.
The couple braved on with the wedding that requires guests to meet them for only a minute due to social distancing rules.

Guests were also required to have their temperatures checked as well as their details taken.

 “My guests were all excited to witness the wedding and were also thrilled to attend the ceremony because of its unique concept.

“On top of that, some came all the way from other states such as Selangor and even Perak, although they knew that they could only see us for a minute.

“Because my husband and I own a burger stall and have a steady flow of loyal customers, we also wanted to have a wedding ceremony with them witnessing it as well,” said Norazura.

A safe way to celebrate together.
She added that their wedding guests were offered takeaway packages instead of dining in.

We have to say, what a unique and safe wedding! 

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