Archaeologists Discover Ancient Aboriginal Sites Underwater In Australia

Great discovery!

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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Aboriginal Sites Underwater In Australia

Ancient settlements.

Archaeologists in Australia have found Aboriginal artefacts on the country’s seabed.

It's the first such discovery there.

According to a report in AFP,  the ancient settlements discovered could have been underwater since the last ice age.

The discovery includes hundreds of ancient stone tools made by Australia's Indigenous people at least 7,000 years ago.

Another discovery in a nearby site also revealed traces of human activity 14 metres below sea level believed to be at least 8,500 years.

A landmark discovery

An important find.

Archaeologists said the discovery is an exciting first step in uncovering more Aboriginal sites thought to have been flooded since the last ice age between 18,000 and 8,000 years ago.

"A huge amount of the archaeological evidence documenting the lives of Aboriginal people is now underwater.

"Now we finally have the first proof that at least some of this archaeological evidence survived the process of sea-level rise,” said Flinders University associate professor Jonathan Benjamin who co-authored the research published in PLOS ONE journal.

James Cook University professor Sean Ulm said the archaeological team studied geological charts and sites on land to help decide where to search underwater.

They also reportedly used airborne laser scanners and high-resolution sonar on boats to find the specific areas.

What a find! Good luck to the team and hopefully we get to learn a lot more about the origins of Australia's Indigenous people through their research.

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