Lazada Is Selling Tiger Prawns Now And They're Going On Sale

Helping local prawn farmers.

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Lazada Is Selling Tiger Prawns Now And They're Going On Sale

First it was veggies and now it's prawns!

For all you cooking enthusiasts, you can now turn to Lazada to get prawns for that yummy prawn noodle or prawn sambal that you're planning on making.

A good bargain.

The eCommerce platform said that it would be helping local prawn farmers sell fresh, export quality prawns online.

"After receiving word that prawn farmers were unable to sell their daily catch, Lazada reached out to EARWYNN Prawn, a local prawn distributor that works directly with local prawn farmers to bring their export quality, antibiotic-free, and MyGAP certified Black Tiger prawns on the platform," said Lazada in a statement.

Prawn sale!

Prawns galore!

And that's not all you guys, the prawns will be going on sale during Lazada's 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale which happens ooooonnnnnn, you guessed it, 7 July!

"To support this (the prawn sale), a special live streaming session is scheduled at 00:00, July 7 on the Lazada app, featuring KOL Abang Brian, who will be showcasing his scrumptious shrimp-based recipes."

"Viewers will also be able to collect vouchers with discounts up to 50% off during the session," said Lazada.

Oversupply of prawns

Meanwhile Erik Ong from EARWYNN Prawn said that he was thankful for the initiative.

"We have had an oversupply of prawns due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and this would have been a waste if we needed to dispose the harvest."

"Thankfully with this new initiative we are able to have greater reach to customers with export quality prawns delivered by” he said.

A bit to aid local SMEs.

Lazada Malaysia CEO Leo Chow, on the other hand, said that this initiative was a continued effort by the company to aid local SMEs.

"COVID-19 has caused a prolonged disruption to the local economy. We saw the struggles of small businesses within the agricultural industry, and have been continuously helping them by moving their business online. We remain committed to onboard and promote small local agricultural businesses like the Prawn Farmers on our platform," he said.

Shrimply the best

Yummy prawns.

So how much are the prawns?

Well, during the 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale, there will be a 30% discount for the prawns which work out to RM39.20 per box (with a min purchase of 5 boxes).

The first 800 customers will also be able to enjoy 50% off with the purchase of 8 boxes.

(Each box is 800g and contains about 26 prawns.)

That's a lot of prawns but hey, get together with the fam bam or group a few prawn loving friends and share out the catch.

If you need more numbers at your table, contact anyone from Rojak Daily.

Confirm we'll be there.

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