Tokyo Disneyland Adds Stunning 'Beauty And The Beast'-Themed Attraction

Can’t wait to visit!

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Tokyo Disneyland Adds Stunning 'Beauty And The Beast'-Themed Attraction
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Something new to look forward to.

If you are planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland soon , you’d be glad to know that there is an additional attraction for you to look forward to.

What’s new, you ask?

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It is the ‘Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast’, an area that features the characters and setting from the popular Disney movie.

According to Mothership, the attraction’s main pull is it beautiful pink and purple castle with white gargoyles - almost similar to the one you saw in the movie.
We have one question though: does the castle feature that breath-taking library Belle was swinging around in? 

We hope it does, because that would be awesome!

A slick addition

What's a fairytale without its villain, right?

In the middle of the town square, Tokyo Disneyland have erected a statue of the mighty Gaston, which comes with its own mini fountain:

Apart from that, you will also get to ride in teacups once the construction of the 'Beauty and the Beast' ride is complete.

You will get to ride it around the castle as the lovable characters from the movie comes to life in song and dance.

Does sound like a fantasy, doesn't it?

Looks magical.
According to the report, this is part of Tokyo Disneyland's expansion of its Fantasyland area, which has been in the works since 2017 and expected to be completed by spring 2020.

So, wait till everything opens ups after the COVID-19 pandemic to make your trip there!

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