Bride Brings Work To Own Wedding; Occupied With Laptop And Phone During Wedding Ceremony

Taking the term workaholic to a whole new level.

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Bride Brings Work To Own Wedding; Occupied With Laptop And Phone During Wedding Ceremony

Work-life balance? What's that?

In this fast-paced world, everyone is glued to their phones and laptops, and sometimes, it's because of work.

However, no matter how busy we are with work, whenever there’s a special occasion like family gatherings or weddings, we respect our work-life balance and don’t over do it by bringing work to these functions.

Well, that’s how most of us prefer to do it, but not this one bride in India.

The poor bride actually brought work along to do - on her wedding day!

Too busy to get married

'Sorry hun, one last e-mail'
Indian news portal Times of India published a video showing the bride occupied with her laptop and smartphone while she was sitting on the dais at her very own wedding reception.

In the 13-second video, the bride can be seen making a phone call with her laptop on her lap, oblivious to her surrounding, including the presence of the groom who joined her on the dais.

The video was presumably taken by one of the attendees at the wedding, and it was uploaded on to Twitter by user @dineshjoshi70.

The video has since gone viral, having been viewed more than 74,000 times.

You can check it out below:
If being forced to work on your own wedding day wasn't bad enough, many netizens criticised the bride for not paying attention at her own wedding:
  There were some who defended the bride, saying that she might not even be working:
Whatever the case may be, we hope the bride and the groom had an amazing wedding.

And to you guys out there, just remember to leave your work laptop and work phones at home during your wedding day.

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