Kind Journalist Helps Lost Senior Citizen Find His Way Back Home

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Kind Journalist Helps Lost Senior Citizen Find His Way Back Home
A journalist who was on his way to work stumbled upon a peculiar scene that slowed traffic at the Mahameru Highway near KL Sentral.

A senior citizen was trying to cross the road, and a Kuala Lumpur City Hall lorry had stopped to assist him.

When L.K. Savantharaja, who was on his motorbike, also got down to assist and the lorry driver, who was rushing to work, handed the task to him.

With the help of another motorcyclist, Savantharaja helped the 80-year-old cross the road.

Helping an elderly uncle.
“A chat with the senior citizen did not yield any information such as his next-of-kin’s contact number that we could contact to pick the uncle up."

“A check on the uncle’s identity card, however, found that he stays at Taman Desa, Old Klang Road, which was about 9km from where he was found,” he said in a Facebook post, as reported by Malay Mail.

Putting aside work to help

Keeping him safe.
The other motorcyclist wanted to send the uncle home via Grab, but Savantharaja was worried the elderly man might have trouble remembering his way back.

Savantharaja said the senior citizen ended up at Mahameru Highway after he missed a stop while returning home on the bus from Hospital Kuala Lumpur where he had gone for treatment earlier.

Savantharaja then sent the senior citizen to his home.

“Upon reaching his home, the uncle invited me to his house for a drink, but I told him I was late for an assignment.

“He then asked me to visit him during Chinese New Year.”

Good job, Savantharaja!

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