12-Year-Old YouTuber Celebrates Success By Buying Luxury MPV, But Her Parents Come Under Fire

The mum explains everything.

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12-Year-Old YouTuber Celebrates Success By Buying Luxury MPV, But Her Parents Come Under Fire
What could you afford when you were 12?

Probably nothing much because you had to fully depend on your parents or caretakers for your expenses.

However, one social media star, who became the youngest to make it to Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers chart, recently bought a luxury MPV.

Parents heavily criticised

Local YouTube sensation Alyssa Dezek made headlines recently for purchasing a luxury seven-seater MPV, the Toyota Vellfire, priced at over RM250,000.

It's all well and good, right? She's using her own hard-earned money to purchase something to reward herself.

Here's the issue: she's currently only 12 years old, and she has a long way to go before she could even take her driving test.

As a result, the spotlight fell on Alyssa's parents, and not in a good way.

She buys a new car, parents kena scold.
Malay Mail reported that since news of Alyssa's purchase went viral, her parents have been criticised for mismanaging their daughter’s finances.

Quoting Malay portal mStar, netizens weren't particularly happy because it seemed like her parents are taking advantage of Alyssa's success and earnings.

Her mother Suzanne, however, has hit back at critics.

“To me, that’s her money, she wanted to buy a Vellfire to make going to shoots and long-distance travelling more comfortable.

“My husband bought a house for Alyssa and her sibling, there are also savings for her to further her education,” Suzanne was quoted by the portal as saying.

She added that her husband is an airline captain, and can easily afford the luxury MPV.

“A lot have said my husband and I want to use the car but it’s actually what she wanted, maybe they don’t know that Alyssa’s dad works as an airline captain – he can afford that car,” she said.

Despite the negativity, Suzanne told the news portal that netizens have the right to comment.

“It’s okay, it’s their right to comment, maybe they don’t know who her dad is,” she said.

Maybe the Malaysians are just jealous, right? Whatever it is, enjoy your new car, Alyssa!

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