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This Local Shopping Mall Wants To Tattoo Your Kids...But For A Good Reason!

It's a temporary tattoo, relax.

This Local Shopping Mall Wants To Tattoo Your Kids...But For A Good Reason!
Image: Sunway Pyramid
The school holidays are here, and to make things a little bit more hectic, it coincides with Christmas and year-end festivities.

You want to bring your kids, or your nieces and nephews, to all the shopping malls to get them excited over the Christmas decorations.

Or you just need them to take their hands off their electronic gadgets and you want them to roam freely, window shopping with you.

However, you know that the malls will definitely be crowded. Every where you turn, you'll bump shoulders with strangers. Walking from one shop to another with your children in tow feels like a monumental struggle.

Now, you are skeptical to take them out in case they get lost in the crowd.

Images of you running to the nearest police station to lodge a missing person’s report while trying not to scream your head off frantically run wild in your mind.

Thus, you decide to put all your mall-hopping plans on hold.

Sounds like a scene that happens to you every year?

Fret not. A popular shopping mall in Malaysia has come up with an ingenius way to avoid situations like these.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall recently introduced a unique initiative called the Child Safe Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoos.

Rojak Daily spoke to Sunway Malls’ Director of Marketing, Loo Hoey Theen, to get the inside scoop on this idea.

So, why tattoos for kids?

Just like a real tattoo.Even though many parents frown upon the idea of having temporary tattoos imprinted on their children, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall decided that it is the best thing to do, especially when it comes to the safety of children.

Loo said the idea was conceptualised from the simple realisation that kids like to stick temporary tattoos on themselves.

“While brainstorming for new ideas on children safety in the mall, we came to realise they like playing with temporary tattoos as a form of creativity and expression. 

“We then realised that tattoos can actually be used in many other practical ways. Compared to other forms of children safety monitors such as temporary wristbands, we thought tattoos were more invincible," she told us.

'Mom, check out my new tatt'.
The reason why the team decided against using wristbands is because there's a risk that they may fall off.

“Temporary tattoos stay on longer and are less likely to be erased or misplaced. This made us choose temporary tattoos as the best solution when it comes to minimising the cases of lost children in the mall.

“It seemed like an acceptable idea and a win-win situation because children love temporary tattos and parents can easily apply and remove the tattoos. 

“Thus, we decided to implement Child Safe Emergency Contact Tattoos as a means to aid with child safety,” she explained.

The move was necessary

Loo said the initiative serves as an important precautionary measure because Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has had its share of incidents involving children found wandering alone in the mall and were unable to remember their parents' or guardians' contact details when approached.

“Safety has always been our utmost priority, especially when it comes to the safety of children. With the new emergency temporary tattoo, shoppers who come across lost children in the mall can also help contact the mall’s management for assistance,” she noted

Loo said in line with its children safety initiative, the mall also aims to educate children and their caretakers to recognise its uniformed personnels such as their concierge staff and auxilliary police as the go-to-person.

“So, in the event that they get lost in the mall, they know who to go to for help,” she said.

Wax on, wax off

Cute accessory.Loo added that the ‘Child Safe Emergency Contact Tattoo’ is easy to apply and remove.

“The tattoos can be easily placed on your child’s arm with a damp cloth or sponge. If he or she wanders away in the mall, the emergency contact number on the tattoo can be used to get help from a concierge staff or auxiliary Police. 

“To remove the tattoo, simply use baby oil, hand sanitiser or wet wipes,” she said.

Loo said to date, the initiative has received favourable response from both parents and children.

“Parents are excited about the idea while kids love the colourful and cute designs of the tattoos which feature our mall’s mascots Leo and Leona,” she said.

Loo said that the temporary tattoos will be available at their concierge counters all year round and the mall is planning to roll out the initiative to all Sunway Malls as well. 

It's a biiiiiggggg place.
However, Loo said for parents who are not too keen on the idea of temporary tattoos, there are also other options for them.

“We do not want to compromise the safety of any children. Parents who do not want to use the tattoos, can also opt for other children safety facilities at the mall including ‘Child Wristlinks’ and ‘Child Wristbands’ in which parents can write down their contact details and have their kids wear it on their child wrist. 

“For parents with multiple children, toddler wheelies or double strollers are also available for rent,” she said.

Despite that, Loo advised that parents should always keep an eye on their children, especially when they are out in a crowded place.

“At the end of the day, although Sunway Pyramid has these safety measures and facilities in place, the responsibility lies in the care of the parents to ensure that their children are safe in the mall. 

“Child safety tips and precautionary advice are available around the mall as well as on our official website and Sunway Pyramid mobile app,” she added.