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This Malaysian Company Makes The Coolest Bath Bombs And Soaps That’ll Make You Want To Shower 24/7

Wunderbath will promise you a wunder-ful bath time!

This Malaysian Company Makes The Coolest Bath Bombs And Soaps That’ll Make You Want To Shower 24/7
If you’re the type of person who takes your bath time seriously, then you might want to pay close attention to what we’re about to tell you.

Your usual bath time may not be the same anymore after this and the soaps you’ve been using all this while will look...meh.

Meet Wunderbath, the pioneer of handmade bath bombs in Malaysia.

The local brand also offers an extensive range of beauty products such as handmade soaps in quirky shapes and sizes, lip balms, body butters, face sprays, and essential oils.

Can we have ALL of them?
Lush fans would be delighted to know that you don’t need to take a flight and travel hundreds of miles away to get some exclusive bath bombs.

Magical Disco Light bath bomb to bring some disco to your Monday 💙✨

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For those of you who are still new to the concept of bath bombs, it’s basically a ball of fun where you chuck it in your bath tub and it’ll fizzle away into mythical colours and tantalising scents, which is VERY satisfying to watch. Definitely Insta-worthy material.

We spoke to the brainchild of Wunderbath, Evelyn Marieta, on how she started her business empire and her adventures dabbling in bath-bomb and soap making.

From Food Scientist to Malaysian Bath Time Queen

The true definition of beauty with brains!
You might be wondering; how could a scientist make a bold decision to switch careers?

Well, Evelyn was really passionate about food science but she realised having that career in Malaysia wasn’t as progressive as she thought.

Her interest in creating her own beauty products piqued when she realised she couldn’t find any lip balms with vibrant colours in the market. So, she started formulating them herself for fun.

One day, while she was listening to Jim Carrey’s speech, and it immediately hit her when the comedian said, “You can fail at doing something you hate, why not take a chance in doing something you love.” She then gathered her courage and took the plunge and entered the beauty/cosmetics world in 2015.

“I was very lucky that when I made my decision, my family and friends were super supportive of me although I started small”, Evelyn told Rojak Daily.

The flagship store looks so magical, we can't wait to pay a visit!
“I admit, I was quite both naïve and ambitious in the beginning, but I had one goal: to revolutionise natural bath and cosmetic products in South East Asia.”

Evelyn graduated from University of Alberta, Canada with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science. She used her expertise and knowledge in food science and applied them to her products.

All of their products are handmade in small batches and are free from toxic chemicals, paraben, animal origins, and sodium laureth sulfate. You can also heave a sigh of relief as the company does not test on animals.

The Journey To The Top Wasn’t As Bubbly As It Seems

Evelyn at her flagship store at Da Men Mall.
“The journey wasn’t smooth-sailing, it took me a lot of preservation, hard work, and luck to get where I am today,” the former food scientist told us.

Evelyn was the captain in command of her ship from the get-go; everything was a one-woman show and she had to put a lot of faith in herself as she sailed into unknown territory.

“Back in 2015, I decided to debut my items at a weekend bazaar. It took me one whole week to produce 200 items for the bazaar. And I’ll never forget that I only had one hour of sleep prior to the bazaar as I was busy preparing for it.”

Evelyn and her Wunderbath products at their first bazaar in 2015.
She did mostly everything by herself back then: she was her own boss, she was her own assistant, basically every task you could think of when starting a business.

Wunderbath started out with only lip stains, lip balms, handmade soaps, and body butters.

Creating products were also a challenge for her at the beginning. When they first started out, they produced soaps in a shape of our favourite childhood snack – ice gem cookies.

“I created the ice gem to be the same size as a real ice gem cookies as we only create ultra-realistic soaps.

"Later on, we realised that it was really hard to use as it’s super small, so we have discontinued it since," she laughed. 

From food scientist to business mogul, such an inspiration!
Fast forward to 2018, Wunderbath has blossomed from making 200 items to churning out 20,000 products of all sorts of variety per month as well as having a solid team of staff members!

The pinnacle of her career was definitely opening her first flagship store at Da Men Mall, Subang Jaya.

Is Wunderbath Our Malaysian Answer to Lush Cosmetics?

Yay to locally-made bath bombs!
Those who are familiar with the brand Lush Cosmetics can’t help but notice that there are similiaritie, but hey, since there aren’t any Lush stores on our shores, there’s no reason not to support this budding local brand.

“Lush is the creator of bath bombs so every company who’s selling bath bombs are essentially following Lush’s footsteps,” she said.

“However, a lot of people didn’t know that Wunderbath is a fully customisable company; we can create any product as per our client’s request.

"Our leading products are also not only the bath bombs but also the ultra-realistic soaps and candles; which Lush doesn’t offer.”

Bath Bombs and The Malaysian Bath Tub Dilemma

These bath bombs look so oddly satisfying!
We know how bath bombs promise an epic bath time experience, and it also looks so cool and inviting once it hits the water, but how does Wunderbath convince Malaysians to get on the bath bomb bandwagon with the absence of bath tubs in most Malaysian households?

“When we first started out, everyone loved bath bombs but they will always say “oh, if only I have a bath tub”. It’s a niche market but being one of the first few Malaysian companies who started making bath bombs, we knew we had to be prepared when the trend catches on. So, at that time, we made smaller bath bombs with a lower price point so that people can use it for manicures or pedicures.”

Now this makes us want to install our own bath tub!
Well, her patience did pay off eventually when black or bloody-coloured bath bombs were trending.

Wunderbath banked on the trend and overnight, a steady stream of customers approached them for bath bombs as they already had them in stock.

“Other companies started making bath bombs after that but we were lucky enough to lead the market.”

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who’s the Quirkiest of Them All?

Which item tickles your fancy the most?
Some of the cool products offered on their website.
One thing we noticed about Wunderbath is how eccentric and localised their products are.

They’ve got bath bombs in the shape of a unicorn’s horn, our local kuihPuteri Ayu, mandarin oranges, and our favourite – the Pokéball bath bomb.

They even have a collection dedicated to certain occasions and festivities such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. Kuih angku, mooncakes, prosperity coins, curry puff, and gold dragon eggs are among the items immortalised into candles and soaps.

This set would make a perfect Chinese New Year gift!
What a great idea to prank your friend!
And if you have a dark and mysterious soul, you’d definitely love the gory stuff they have to offer – bleeding fingers soap, bleeding skull candle, brain soap, and bleeding-heart soap.

So, there’s always something for every type of personality out there, either you love sparkly, rainbow unicorns or you’re just someone who loves dark stuff.

If you feel that they don’t have what you’re looking for, fret not as the company offers customisation for all products from as low as RM10 depending on size and complexity. So now you can make whatever kind of bath bomb or soap your heart desires!

Among the quirkiest thing they’ve custom made for their clients are satay soap, a giant pink Fight Club soap, and even a Guinness Stout soap which also smelled like the real thing.

Wunderbath can be purchased at their flagship store at Da Men Mall or via their website. You can also find them on Zalora and Hermo.